Schools Committed to Run 2024 - E. J. Herrmann Cross Country Invitational

Schools Committed to Run 2024

All coaches must enter their teams and the names of all runners online at Mile Split NY,

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School Enrollment V.Boys V.Girls J.V.Boys J.V.Girls Mod.Boys Mod.Girls Names with Leone Timing Entry Fee Received

NB: An asterisk (*) indicates that school will compete in event(s) designated for large school enrollment per request of the coach. Coaches of schools that would compete in Events 1-2/3-4 (for schools with smaller enrollments) may opt to "move up" in order to complete in Events 7-8/9-10 (for schools based on larger enrollments). Coaches who want their runners to "move up" must call Dan Amado, 315-794-5509, no later than 7:59 PM, Sunday, 22 September 2024. Dan will discuss your options. Please conform to the deadline. A "move down" is not permitted at the Herrmann Invitational.

The tentative cut between large and small schools is 469.

The cut between small and large schools is 469 this year.

Entry deadline: 7:59 PM, Sunday, 22 September 2024.

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