Meet Handbook - E. J. Herrmann Cross Country Invitational

Additional Information


Eligibility of the contestants is according to the regulations of the New York State Commissioner of Education and the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A..

Schools from outside of New York State must have permission to compete from their state or provincial athletic governing body. Additionally, these schools must have clearance from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. Coaches from schools outside of New York State are asked to contact the Herrmann meet director, no later than Saturday, 7 September 2024.

Course Terrain

J-Hi Course: 1.5-Miles. Grass and trail. No spikes may be worn.
Varsity/Junior Varsity Course: 5K/3.1 Miles. Grass and trails. Pin spikes are allowed, but not encouraged.

Course Tours

Coaches interested in having their runners tour the courses earlier than race day may contact the meet directors. Coaches may e-mail the race directors to arrange course tours.

Coaches Must Check-in Upon Arrival

Upon arriving, coaches must check-in at the Field House located near the basketball courts on Welsh Bush Road. Coaches will receive packets containing meet information and runners' tags.

Each school will receive one packet of information. The coach checking in is kindly asked to distribute the tags and information to all other coaches from the school.

Bathroom Facilities

Bathroom facilities are found in the Buckley Pool Bathhouse. Port-o-potties are located around the Proctor Park.

Concession Stand, T-Shirts, and Raffle

The concession stand is located near the finish line. Reasonably priced food and beverages will be available from 8 AM until 3 PM. Commemorative E. J. Herrmann Invitational T-Shirts will be sold at the meet. The price for short sleeve T-shirts is $15, and $20.00 for long sleeve T-shirts. The Optimist Club will sell raffle tickets at the meet. Raffle items include race related memorabilia and a 50/50 cash prize. Shirts and raffle tickets are sold under the tent near the prizes and awards tent area.

Starting Line

There are no assigned boxes on the starting line. Only 4 runners per school per event are allowed on the line. Teammates will fill in behind those 4 runners. Schools with large numbers of runners in modified and junior varsity events may use a second box (If available) on either end of the starting line. Schools may not occupy two boxes adjacent to each other. All boxes are equidistant from the first turn. No box has an advantage over any other box.

Finish Area

Spectators and coaches are kindly asked to stay clear of the roped/fenced areas around the finish line and chute. Volunteers are the only people allowed within the roped/fenced areas. Thank you for your cooperation.


Results will be posted on the backstop of the Little League Field, located near the concession stand and finish line, within minutes of the completion of each race. Results of each event are available on-line at Leone Timing within 5 minutes of the conclusion of each event.


Schools with tents are asked to erect the tents within the confines of the fenced Little League Field located near the finish line.

If tents are erected outside the designated area, you will be asked to remove them and relocate to the Little League Field.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Personnel are located in the tent near the chute's exit. Emergency Medical Technicians of the Utica Fire Department will provide emergency medical services.

Runners Right of Way

As obvious as it may seem, runners competing in events have the right of way on the course. However, there have been instances in past years where runners encountered interference from non-competitors. Spectators and runners who are not competing in a race-in-progress are asked to stay off the course during all events. Please do not cross the path of the course while an event is in progress.

Dog Owners

Dog owners are required to keep their pets on short leashes while in Proctor Park.

Severe Weather

In case of severe weather we will suspend the meet. We will make announcements for teams to return to their buses. Runners and coaches are asked to remain on their buses until the storms have passed through the area and the "all-clear" announcement is made.

Post-race Apples and Water

Volunteers will distribute water and apples to all finishers as they exit the chute.

Please Help to Keep Proctor Park Clean

Each coach will be given two trash bags when they check-in on the day of the meet. Please use the trash bags to help keep Proctor Park clean. Your team's effort in keeping Proctor Park clean is appreciated by all who use the park, the East Utica Optimist Club, and the City of Utica's Department of Parks and Recreation.

Dissemination of Information

Coaches: please share all the information of this web site with all members of your school's cross-country coaching staff.

Lost and Found

Anyone finding items can bring the item to the prizes and awards tent. Anyone who lost an item at the meet can contact us at the prizes and awards tent or write us at Please describe the item that was lost, leave your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.


Please refer to the Points of Interest for the location of parking for automobiles and buses. Volunteers will assist travelers to spaces that are available in the various parking lots.

Future Dates of The Herrmann

81st — 28 September 2024

82nd — 27 September 2025

83rd — 26 September 2026

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