Scoring System - E. J. Herrmann Cross Country Invitational

Scoring System

The E. J. Herrmann Invitational uses a computerized on-line entry system.

  1. All runners on all levels (Junior High, Junior Varsity, Varsity, and Elite) must be entered on-line at
  2. Coaches of teams on the Junior High, Junior Varsity, Varsity, and Elite levels are responsible for entering their athletes on-line at
  3. Coaches can e-mail Pat Leone at with any questions regarding the on-line entry system. Do not e-mail rosters to Pat Leone.
  4. Each athlete will be designated a tag with a bar code. These tags with bar codes are not interchangeable among athletes.
  5. Coaches are responsible for giving each athlete the assigned tag with his or her bar code prior to their race.
  6. All computerized on-line entries must be submitted on-line no later than Sunday, 22 September 2024. Only registered computerized entrants may complete at the meet. There are no exceptions.
  7. Results will be posted on the backstop of the Little League Field, located near the concession stand and finish line, within minutes of the completion of each race. Awards may be claimed at the awards tent after results are posted on the backstop.
  8. Results of each event are available on-line at Leone Timing within 5 minutes after the conclusion of each event.

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