Honorees - E. J. Herrmann Cross Country Invitational

2023 Honoree

Gene Ciccolella

The East Utica Optimist Club in concurrence with the Race Committee and Meet Directors of the 80th E. J. Herrmann Interscholastic Cross-Country Invitational are delighted to honor Gene Ciccolella as the 2023 Meet Honoree.

Gene Ciccolella was born in Utica, NY. He graduated from T.R. Proctor High School in 1983. He continued his higher education at Mohawk Valley Community College where he earned an associate degree in mechanical engineering technology.

Gene has been involved with the E.J. Herrmann for 13 years, starting out working in the parking lot under Ralph Polera and then taking over as chairman. Gene has been a member of the East Utica Optimist Club for 13 years and currently holds the position of secretary for the Club. In addition to his commitment to the Invitational, Gene has been a licensed real estate agent for 38 years. In the early 90's Gene worked part time for the Utica City School District in the transportation department. His hobbies include traveling up north to the Adirondacks.

Gene lives in Utica with his wife Kelly, daughter Jessica and his son Thomas.

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